Aims and Scope
RPES is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, and scholarly journal. It consider articles in the Environmental Sciences.

RPES does publish Research and Literature review articles in the Environmental Sciences. Case Studies, Case Reports, Critical reviews, Highlights, Hypothesis Papers, etc are not published in RPES.

RPES publishes works based only on the basis of their scientific and methodological soundness. All submitted manuscripts are reviewed by the editors and only those meeting the aims and scope of the journal will be sent for outside review.

All manuscripts are reviewed by at least two reviewers, one of whom is usually a member of the Editorial Board. Every effort is made to provide reviewers from institutions other than the author’s.

Accepted articles will be immediately published on both to ensure it reaches the widest possible audience

RPES Journal publishes original articles in the following areas:

Analytical Chemistry
Aquatic environment
Atmospheric Chemistry
Atmospheric environment
Biological Oceanography
Biosphere Interactions
Biomonitoring and biomarkers
Climate Change
Earth Sciences & Geography
Ecosystem Science
Emerging contaminants
Environmental analysis and methods
Environmental biology
Environmental chemistry
Environmental catalysis and nanomaterials
Environmental health and toxicology
Environmental impacts
Environmental microbiology
Environmental nanotechnology
Environmental Pollution and Remediation
Environmental remediation and management
Green Chemistry
Marine Chemistry
Terrestrial environment

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