Call for Reviewers
Research Papers in Environmental Science (RPES) is a peer-reviewed and scholarly journal.

High-quality peer review is at the foundation of RPES. The most difficult aspect of the peer-review process is finding good reviewers for each paper. Our aim at RPES is to speed up our decision-making while ensuring authors receive quality and thoughtful peer review.

RPES is therefore seeking for qualified reviewers.

Why join our team of reviewers?

The RPES Editorial Team seeks to support our peer reviewers and we recognise their contribution in three specific ways:

• Reviewing for RPES offers educators a unique opportunity for professional growth.
• Annually RPES features a ‘thank you to reviewers’ listing all those who have actively peer reviewed for the journal during the previous year, in order to give reviewers public recognition.

We are eager to join peer reviewers in order to maintain our peer review quality. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for RPES, the process is very simple. Please write an e-mail with your research interests to Tim Heider, Admin Editor,

We look forward to receiving your application!

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